Mini Majestic Golden Buddha Fountain (Case of (6) Unit Price £9.95

Mini Majestic Golden Buddha Fountain (Case of (6) Unit Price £9.95


This Majestic Golden Buddha fountain is the perfect size: ( Size: 13.3cm(L)x13.3cm(W)x18cm(H)) so you can enjoy the calming flowing water!

HIGHLY DECORATIVE: This beautifully crafted poly-resin fountain with its highly decorative design, beautiful dark colours and gold highlights will add a touch of class to the décor of any house. As the night draws in your fountain looks even more spectacular as it lights up with a beautiful natural stone colour creating a soothing, ambient feeling!

SIMPLE INSTALLATION: The indoor fountain is easy to use and can be easily transported around your home for you to enjoy, no matter where you chose to spend your time relaxing. Simply connect the tube to the pump, add water and switch on!

Product comes with Water Circulation pump, 1.5m Lead with 3 pin plug.