Chill Out Premium Fragrance Oil 100ml (1 Unit/Bottle)

Chill Out Premium Fragrance Oil 100ml (1 Unit/Bottle)


Introducing our new LARGE 100ml premium fragrance oils. Specially formulated to be paired with our ultrasonic diffusers to ensure the maximum scent boost and relaxation. This water soluble aroma oil is made with plant extracts, essential oils and fine fragrances to help you unwind after a long day.


Release your favourite scent into the atmosphere for longer! Our larger bottles are perfect for those who use their diffusers regularly or have several aroma appliances around their home and want to keep the same scent throughout.


A supply that lasts longer. Most customers are used to buying fragrance oils in 10ml servings. Show them you have more to offer with 10 times that amount! 



Deionised water, Fragrance oil, Solvent, Stabiliser and Ethyl Alcohol.